The World famous FIFA World cup on its 11th day

The World famous FIFA World cup on its 11th day | Latest news

The world famous FIFA World cup is 21st FIFA World match that has marked its start, from 14june while ending by 15 july, is hosted in Russia this time. With 32 teams and 32 matches it has taken a roll now.

Panama’s fans, excitable even in defeat, now had a genuine moment to release their cheerfulness. A first World Cup goal, in a match that was termed the “hardest of the group” by coach Hernan Dario Gomez.

The mood of celebration had been set early. The previous night, on the popular Bolshaya Pokrovskaya street, Panama’s fans gathered in huge numbers to make their presence felt.

The technical and tactical inefficiencies of the Panama side were exposed when debut was in home.The first 45 minutes against Belgium, when the Central Americans were able to stymie the opposition, seems like an aberration now. Discipline has been another issue in Panama’s play, the second penalty conceded against England on Sunday was a sign of desperate fouling because nothing else was working.

This World Cup has also been an opportunity to learn more about Panama and its fans. The supporters didn’t fail in praying when things have gone bad. They have also been keen to share information about Panamanian football. But most importantly, they want the world to know their team made it. A particularly enjoyable sight on the night before the match against England was the heavily outnumbered Panamanians out-singing their English counterparts in the city centre.

The fans were decked in the red, blue, and yellow colours of their team,souting for their, standing in unison whenever they caught a glimpse of a chance.

The Panama fans walked away pleased with the day’s work. The one goal in a 1-6 defeat carries a possibility of a better future for their favourite team. There is still the encounter against Tunisia on Thursday in Saransk and the supporters believe that their first point in the World Cup may not have to wait until the next tournament.


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